Michael Chandler turns down fight with Dustin Poirier

When asked about fighting Dustin Poirier, Chandler made it clear, he’s not interested. And he gave an explanation as to why.

“It would be Diaz. I have no interest in fighting Dustin, honestly. To be quite honest, I think he’s a great dude. I think I like him for the sport, but I also think I was completely disregarded and pushed aside whenever I came into the organization. He completely disregarded me, he acted as though I didn’t deserve to be where I was.”

Michael Went on to say , “Maybe it’s a bit more of a personal issue, but I also don’t think… is Dustin a draw? I guess he’s the No. 2 guy [in the UFC rankings] now, but he’s just kind of stayed at No. 2 and I don’t know how active he’s going to be. I did see him tweet that I was saying everyone else’s name but his as if I didn’t want to fight him because of technical reasons or what not, but it’s more like I forgot about him.”

If you’re curious as to what he’s talking about, last year when Poirier was asked about fighting Chandler after his HUGE KO win against Dan Hooker, Poirier said the following.

No, it does not (make sense),” . “Respect to Chandler, great win, but to come in and beat a guy I just beat and get a title shot?

“I’ve been in 27, 28 fights in the UFC, fighting the toughest of the toughest guys to get my hands on gold.”

Though Dustin had defeated Hooker recently, it was a close and hard fought 48-47 decision. Chandler KOed him in 1 round.

So, if Chandler right to feel this way?

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