Video: Biggest odds upset in history! Evander Holyfield’s son get KOed in 1 round!

Evan Holyfield was a perfect 9-0 and when he stepped in the ring with Jurmain McDonald (6-5 record). Holyfield was the -10,000 favorite to win. For clarification GSP was a -1000 favorite over Matt Serra the first time. Tyson was a -4200 against Buster Douglas. That converts to a 100-1 favorite.

So to put this simply, Holyfield was expect to win and win easily. But that didn’t happen, in round 1 Holyfield went down hard, and he didn’t even get the full 10 count as the ref felt it was done by 8. Holyfield did protest though as he didn’t start to get up at 8 and could have possibly made it to his feet. Video below.

Despite the shocking upset, Evan Holyfield is in good spirits. W

And here’s a list of biggest odds upsets in boxing history and you can see this absolutely eclipses it.

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