Glover Teixeira wants to retire this year, champ or not champ. And stay retired.

UFC champion- Glover Teixeira appeared on the “Munro Da Luta” podcast in Brazil and he revealed 2022 will likely be his final year of fighting, with an ideal of having two fights left.

“The perfect plan would be winning this fight, which I have full focus on; And fighting one last time in November, in New York, which is close to the city I live for 20 years, and close to my gym. It would be my farewell from fighting. That’s what I’m thinking right now.”

“I’ll be 43 in November,” he said. “Regardless of being at the top, being the best of the world or not, I wanna stop this year. It will probably be my last year. I don’t wanna make this decision after a fight, but it’s what I’ve been thinking for a while. I don’t wanna retire like Cejudo, who keeps asking for a fight all the time. I want to retire and stay cool.”

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