Mcgregor no longer the highest paid athlete in the world, Jake Paul makes the list at 46.

In 2021 Conor Mcgregor topped Forbes’ list of top paid athletes in the world with 180 million. This year he’s fallen to number 35, at 43 million. I believe these numbers are actually low though, because the UFC doesn’t tell the PPV cut Conor gets, and it’s substantial.

Jake Paul made his first appearance on the list at number 46, earning $38 million from fights and endorsements related to fighting.

The only fighter to be on the top ten this year was Canelo Alvarez $90 million. Tyson Fury came in at 18 with 62 million

Conor McGregor no longer the highest-paid athlete in sports in 2022. (Swipe) 💰 🥊 ⚽️ 🏀

1- Lionel Messi (Soccer) $130M
2- Lebron James (NBA) $121.2M
3- Cristiano Rinaldo (Soccer) $115M
4- Neymar (Soccer) $95M
5- Stephen Curry (NBA) $92.8
8- Canelo Alvarez (Boxing) $90M
9- Tom Brady (NFL) $83.9M. 18-Tyson Fury (Boxing) $62M
35- Conor McGregor (UFC) $43M
46- Jake Paul (Boxing) $38M

Via Forbes

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