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Khabib think Charles Oliveira is NO comparison to himself


With Charles current 11 fight win streak, and his remarkable string of 10 finishes in that time; many people have began to question “Is Oliveira as good as Khabib”

One person who doesn’t question that is the former UFC lightweight champion himself, Khabib had this to say:

🗣He impressed me like little bit, but every fight he goes down. This one is a little bit bad for him. Every fight he goes down, couple of times. Last fight, it was like, how many? Two, three times knockdowns? With Michael Chandler, with Dustin Poirier, with Justin Gaethje, he always goes down. This is like a little bit questionable, you know. Nobody ever touched my face, and all the time he go down. People cannot talk about like compare me vs. Charles Oliveira. He tapped in UFC eight times. Please, come on. When he tapped to Jim Miller, Anthony Pettis, Holloway, Felder – it was Charles Oliveira. It was not Khabib.”

What do you think, does Khabib have a point?

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