Anderson Silva interested in boxing Floyd Mayweather or Logan Paul.

Since retiring from MMA- 47 year old Former champion- Anderson Silva has had 3 great boxing performances in a row, and many people wonder where to go from here. Well, Anderson Silva has a few ideas. One is Floyd Mayweather.

“When I finished the fight with Tito and I saw on my Twitter and my Instagram, everybody talking ‘you need to fight with [Floyd] Mayweather!’” Silva said on ‘The MMA Hour’. “I don’t know, that’s insane! I don’t know if I can fight on the same level as Mayweather but this is a challenge for me.”

“I don’t know, maybe this happens or not. I’m prepared for that. I just try to do my best everyday and I think this is a good fight, me and Mayweather. Two big names and a different level. I go try to prove why I’m there to fight with Mayweather. I don’t know if this happens or not but I’m prepared for a good challenge for myself.”

There would be a significant size difference there but Floyd did fight Logan Paul, who was 190. Silva likely would be willing to weigh 180 or maybe 175.

Also a possibility is 5-0 Logan Paul. Logan has shied away from the fight in the past, and even Dana White encouraged Paul to call out Anderson, and that didn’t happen… until now maybe. Paul recently tweeted (below).

And Lastly Anderson himself said he’s thinking of doing competitive BJJ, and maybe entering the Abu Dhabi grappling tournament.

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