The 5 best Supernatural Fan Films ever made! These are can’t miss for SPN fans.

Many of us are die hard supernatural fans, and we can’t get enough of the TV show, but outside of those 15 seasons and 1 season of the anime, we have nothing else to quench our Supernatural thirst (at least not til The Winchester’s arrive).

So, After watching hours and hours of supernatural videos on YouTube I’ve compiled what I think are the top 5 supernatural fan films! All 5 are can’t miss TV!

1. Supernatural Adventures by YouTube page “Buffynatural” .

Supernatural Adventures episode 1 30 second teaser trailer

Two blood brothers in a 67 impala hunting ghosts… sound familiar? Well, two real brothers have really hit the road in a real 67 impala to explore some of the most haunted places around, except this isn’t fiction, their hunts are real!

The brotherly dynamic is there, definitely a great horror aspect (especially episode 2 gets down right scary), but these guys are also hilarious, I guarantee they’ll make you laugh too. And there’s so many supernatural Easter eggs! These guys capture the essence of Supernatural in a way no one else does, BUT they do it without role playing as Sam and Dean. They’re just being themselves, but next to The Winchester’s themselves you won’t find a more entertaining brother duo. And did we mention they have a 67 impala?

Since it’s an episode format, we compiled both episodes to number 1. But these could be 1 and 2 by themselves. And their whole channel is full of great supernatural and Buffy content.

The Full first episode
The full second episode

Here is the Buffynatural page if you want to check out more of their supernatural content

2. Supernatural: Enter the Sandman by Jacket81.

Robert James writes an excellent script, and much like the Buffynatural guys, he owns a 67 impala! He may not look like Dean, but Robert does an amazing job getting down Dean’s humor, mannerisms and especially the voice! Don’t get me wrong, Sam does a good job too and even kind of looks the role.

In their fictional story, Sam and Dean battle the sandman himself, and it’s a script truly worthy of supernatural and just seeing them drive a 67 impala is just a joy. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s an absolute must see. Sadly; they stopped with just 1 episode.

Enter Sandman full episode

3. The Other Side: A supernatural fan film by counteragentfilms

The Other Side- full episode

In this fan film, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s Sam and Dean encounter something that surprisingly never happened in the shows 16 season run… they get turned into women. So, we get a female Sam and Dean as they try to figure out what happened and adjust to womanhood, and Dean Adjusts to becoming a lesbian, lol. A well done film, I probably would have went a slightly different way with the ending but definitely a great watch! They too stopped after just 1 video.

4. Supernatural Fandom- the movie

Supernatural Fandom- full movie

This one is a little different, it’s a documentary about supernatural fans themselves, the SPN family. It features interviews with actors, fans and shows just how fanatic we fans can be for this fantastic show. This movie was made by the fans, for the fans and about the fans.

5. 1 minute Supernatural fan film- Frostino the Snow demon.

Frostino the Snowdemon- full 1 minute supernatural fan film

Buffynatural, the guys behind the Supernatural adventures videos that took the number 1 spot also made a 1 minute fan film. Unlike their real ghost hunt videos, this one is a fictional fan film, starring a completely made up new villain , Frostino the snow demon. And sam Winchester definitely has a scene in here that will probably make you laugh til you cry. It’s amazing how good of a video they made in a single 1 minute YouTube short. You might want to start with this one because it’s so short.

Article by: NJ Winsett Jr.

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