New Smallville sequel in development! What we know so far!

Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum discussing their Smallville Sequel series that’s in development

Back in June, 2021, Tom Welling (Clark Kent from smallville) revealed that he and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) we’re actively developing a sequel to Smallville, an animated series. (Watch the video above)

In February, Erica Durance and Tom Welling discussed the new series.

“We’re working on an animated series that picks up right after our Smallville and, again, telling our own story and our vision is that we get Erica,” “It might be tough to get Allison.” Tom said. Durance reacted to this with her own jab, saying, “We have Zoom.” For those in the know, will he’s referring to Allison Mack, who played Chloe Sullivan on the show. Mack is currently serving prison time for her involvement in an actual real cult known as NXIVM, which involved sex trafficking among other crimes. So, it’s not likely we ever see her portray Chloe again.

“But even [Pete Ross actor] Sam Jones III and Lionel Luthor is going to be a big part of that,” Welling continued. “John Glover wants to do it, we’ve already been into this. We’ve already gotten animation, we just don’t have the stories yet because Al and Miles are busy doing Tim Burton-like movies. As soon as they are done with that, we’re going to do this. I want to be Clark’s voice, I want Erica to be Lois’ voice, that’s going to be the fun of it. I think there’s a story that Al and Miles are going to tell that’s individual and new and call it a multiverse thing. But let’s see where it goes, and it’ll be fun so yeah.”

So, it looks like very much of the original cast may be returning. For those who don’t know there is a Smallville season 11 comic book, it’s unclear if this will ignore those stories and erase those from canon.

Smallville also returned during the “crisis on infinite earths” CW TV event, where Clark revealed he had given up his powers to live on the Kent farm and raise he and Lois’ two daughters. But this animated series would likely take place before those events.

Here’s a link to Tom Welling and Erika Durance reprising their Roles as Clark and Lois in Crisis on Infinite Earths!

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