Real life Winchesters? 2 real brothers hunt ghosts in their 67 impala!

Supernatural Adventures episode 1 trailer

Their name isn’t Winchester; and they aren’t pretending to be but two real brothers from Kentucky have hit the road hunting ghosts at some of the most haunted places around in their 1967 impala. The Channel “Buffynatural” on YouTube puts on these videos titles “Supernatural Adventures”. Here’s their channel.

If you’ve been missing Supernatural, this is probably the show for you. Not only are the ghost hunts real, but each episode has great 67 impala scenes and there’s a ton of supernatural Easter eggs and call backs that hardcore fans would absolutely love. Not only can the show be horrifying but the brothers are down right hilarious and their brotherly dynamic is much like that of Sam and Dean.

In episode 1 they explore a haunted bridge where a woman allegedly jumped to her death, just like the real first episode of Supernatural. With a ton of great supernatural Easter eggs, hilarious events and some spooky results, this episode is a ton of fun for ghost hunting fans But even more so for fans of supernatural.

Below is episode 1 of Supernatural Adventures.

Supernatural Adventures episode 1.

In episode 2 they take a trip to Octagon Hall, recognized as one of the most haunted places in America. This civil war military home housed both Union and Confederal soldiers, and parts of this episode get terrifying. But of course with some hilarious banter in between, and some amazing ghostly encounters and of course that great impala.

Below is episode 2 of Supernatural Adventures:

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Article by: NJ Winsett Jr.

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