Upset alert! 10-1 favorite Renan Ferreira loses to Klidson Abreu! PFL 5

Renan, we have a problema. Renan “Problema” Ferreira made a big name for himself last season for PFL stopping former UFC champion- Fabricio werdum in one round, a bout that was later overturned to a NC a when it was discovered that Renan had tapped to Werdum earlier in the fight. That ruined both men’s chances of making the PFL world championship playoffs last season.

This season started off better for Ferreira, with a first round stoppage in his first pre season bout, which gave him 6 points, and a likely spot in the finals. His last two wins combined are actually less than 60 seconds, so he was a 10-1 favorite to defeat Abreu, who had 3 points with a unanimous decision win in his first pre season bout.

Abreu dominated this fight with takedowns and top control all 3 rounds, Renan had no answer.

In PFL these huge upsets have become common, last week saw several gigantic upsets and this was no different. Both fighters now have 6 points, as PFL award points based on a system that includes finishes.

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