Anthony Pettis to get immediate rematch with Stevie Ray in title tournament

Anyone who watched PFL this week know that Anthony Pettis was submitted by Stevie Ray, this loss earned Stevie a place in the tournament, and threw last seasons champion- Raush Manfio out of the tournament, narrowly falling to 5th place.

The reason the rematch is happening right away is a matter of seeding. Despite going 1-1, Pettis’ first round finish in his lone season win earned him a place as the number 1 seed. And despite winning, Stevie lost his first fight, and finished with 5 points in the standings, which made him the number 4 seed. 1 vs 4 is the semi final seeding in the tournament.

2022 PFL lightweight Playoffs tournament bracket

After the fight, Pettis did appear to have injured ribs, so it is possible he pulls out of the tournament because of this, if he does the 2021 PFL lightweight champion- Raush Manfio would slide back into this years tournament.

Many people are calling for Pettis, a former UFC and WEC lightweight champion, to retire based on going 1-3 in PFL. But that may be premature; because he has already earned a spot in the 4 man world title tournament. Despite going 0-2 last season and just 1-1 this season, he is still only two potential wins away from a million dollars and another world title in another promotion.

It may sound like a long shot but this very think happened to Sean O’Connell in PFL. Went 1-1 pre season. And actually only qualified as the 4th seed, and was the under dog in the title tournament. But O’Connell won it all and retired with a million dollars and a championship. It may not seem likely for a clearly passed prime Pettis, but it’s certainly possible and worth a shot.

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