Adesanya wins slow paced decision against Cannonier as the crowd boos

It was competitive throughout; Izzy seemed to be the busier more active, but Canonier would have moments bursting forward with solid punches and he also landed good low kicks.

The first round was close but likely went to Adesanya, round 2 was competitive but another round for Izzy. Round 3 seemed to go to Cannonier but once again, a close round. Round 4 was very close, but I slightly edged it to Izzy also. Round 5 was also close but once again I edged it to Izzy. Extremely competitive and slow paced fight.

The crowd started the fight excited and cheering for Izzy wildly but by the time the decision was read they were booing him. This is 4 decisions in a row for Izzy.

But his next opponent he may not be able to win a fight by coasting, as he faces the man who beat him twice in Kickboxing, Alex Pereira who earlier tonight KOed Sean Strickland for a title shot.

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