Israel Adesanya slams media coverage of Ghislaine Maxwell “where’s the list” he asks

During a press interview for UFC 276, UFC champion- Israel Adesanya questioned the media coverage the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and the fact that her list of clients was never made public and none of them were ever publicly named. Her trial was also not televised and during which they didn’t seek any of these clients. Israel wants to know why.

Israe Adesanya comments on Ghislaine Maxwell and asks “where’s the list”

“Ghislaine Maxwell just got put away for 20 years so she was supplying kids for these f*cking pedos right. Where’s the list? Is that just like (goes over the head), I don’t know.” Israel Said.

A media member chimed in about Johnny Depp v Heard getting media attention, but the Maxwell trial getting almost none, to which Izzy agreed and answered :“Everywhere, yeah. The list of politicians and actresses and actors or whatever that they talked about. Does that get swept under the rug? Do they not get any time for actually f*cking those kids? That’s weird how that just doesn’t compute with me.”

R&B artist R Kelly was recently convicted of similar acts and got 30 years in prison, but in the minds of many including Israel, a ton of celebrities and politicians did the same thing with absolutely no recourse and they’re being protected.

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