Jason “Ass kicking machine” Jackson wins 7th straight dec- against Lima as crowd boos

It was an amazing Bellator fight card full of finishes until the main event came along.

AKMINO- Jason Jackson has got his biggest win ever against 3 time Bellator champion- Douglas Lima but it was in what’s become his usual fashion, by decision via top control and cage control to the incredibly loud boos of the crowd throughout the fight. Even Mauro said he need to “ratchet up the offense” as he seems to be doing more holding than fighting.

Jackson may not be making many fans along the way or living up to his Moniker, “The ass kicking machine” but he does have 6 consecutive wins now in Bellator is on the cusp of a title shot. Though even the commentators think these kind of performances are going to stand up to get him a title shot.

Lima, the long time champion has shown an inability to stop wrestlers takedowns losing to the current champion, interim champion and now Jackson all because he didn’t have the ability to stop takedown or get back up. The same previously happened to him against former champions Ben Askren and Rory Macdonald.

Lima, who has now lost 4 straight for the first time in his career, needs to make some kind of change, either work with better wrestlers, change weight classes or accept that his career as a top fighter in Bellator is over. He seems content just laying on the bottom any time he’s taken down and that’s no longer going to keep him in the title picture.

Big John and Lima debated whether this is the last fight of Lima’s career. With John saying he thinks it’s at least the last fight of his career being anywhere near title contention.

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