Paddy Pimblett submits Jordan Leavitt in round 2, RNC

No doubt about it, Paddy the Baddy is a bonafide superstar in the UK. The first round saw Leavitt holding Paddy against the fence and attempt takedowns most of the round, but Paddy was constantly trying to do damage and trying to finish. He got a pretty tight Guillotine, and finished the round taking the back and doing some good damage.

The commentators debated over who won the first round, but it was clearly Pimblett, who got the best of the effective grappling and striking exchanges.

In round 2 Leavitt went back to work against the fence again but Paddy caught a choke, used it to take the back and trap the arm ala BJ Penn, and got the sub, becoming the first to ever sub Leavitt.

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