Amanda Nunes defeats Juliana Pena to regain double champ status

The last time these two fought, in one of the biggest upsets in mma history Pena submitted a gassed Nunes in the second round. This fight was much different.

The first fight Nunes seemed to gas early and couldn’t take the pressure from Pena, this time however she countered the pressure with hard shots that continually floored Pena. Though Pena usually didn’t appear Rocked she was dropped many times. The overall stand up game was very competitive but the power was giving the advantage to Nunes.

In round 3 Nunes switched Her gameplan; from a competitor stand up battle, to takedowns. And once she realized Pena offered literally 0 takedown defense, she stuck with it for the rfirst st of the fight. Even though Pena was active off her back with multiple omaplata attempts, and an armbar that looked like it might finish the fight but it wasn’t quite enough, Nunes narrowly escaped.

It was a competitive fight but there was no doubt when the bell rang who won the rounds. Amanda is once again champ champ, and can once again say she has wins over every champion in UFC 135 history.

The judges scores were 50-45, 50-43, 50-43

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