Video: “Iranian Hulk” gets TKOed in round 1 of boxing debut.

Hulk vs Titan weigh in face off

Sajad Gharibi, better known by his nickname, Iranian Hulk, became an online sensation a few years ago when pictures started going viral online of the 6’3 385lbs mountain of muscle of who resembled the Incredible Hulk. After he started releasing videos, which always saw him dressed and looking more fat than muscular, most of the internet community quickly realized he used photoshop to alter his picture. in reality he’s under 6 feet and weighed 300 even at the weigh ins, with clothes on.

When this Hulk gets angry, he gets weaker

This didn’t stop him from making his debut in boxing, once again wearing a shirt, against Kazahk Titan. The Hulk looked out of shape and like he had no idea what he was doing as he winged wild haymakers, and often turned his back and ran from his opponent. He went down twice and didn’t get back up.

Hulk Down

In his post fight interview the Hulk said: “I have nothing to say but I am ashamed and I apologise to the Iranian people.” His coach provided a better explanation for the performance , claiming he only had two weeks to train. “Thank you for your good and bad messages,” he said. “I just wanted to five a brief explanation about the fight. The fight was set before Sajad came to me and he signed the contract. There was no way to cancel it unless he paid a big fine for the cancellation.

Video of the fight

“We had a bad situation. Sajad came to Tehran for his training [but] we had a financial problem, the sponsor didn’t keep their word. In short, Sajad trained with me for only two weeks and I told him he was not ready to fight. But I had to be with him because he had to fight and somebody had to coach him.”

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