Martial arts icon- “Judo” Gene Labelle has passed away at the age of 89.

The man officially recognized as having the first mma fight on record (1-0) Gene Labelle has passed away.

Gene made headlines in 1963 when he said a judo fighter could beat a boxer, and he proved it against pro boxer- Milo Savage in the first recognized mma contest. Gene went on to appear in dozens of movies and tv shows, and was a high level stunt man and stun coordinator in Hollywood.

It’s alleged he was called on to be a stunt man on the green hornet because Bruce Lee was being too rough with stunt men, Gene picked up Bruce and Bruce could do nothing with Gene. Afterwards they became friends with Gene teaching Bruce judo, and later teaching other legends such as Chuck Norris, Bas Rutten, Roddy Piper and Ronda Rousey. He gave Piper his judo black belt.

The most famous story about Gene alleges another story of a Hollywood action star who was a little too rough, Steven Seagal. The story is Seagal said he couldn’t be choked out. So Gene applied a rear naked choke and to sleep went Seagal. He allegedly defecated in his pants.

Gene is a true legend and will be missed.

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