Goiti Yamauchi destroys Neiman Gracie in dominant KO win.

When two world class BJJ fighters fight, many expect a world class BJJ contest but that’s not usually what happens. What usually happens is a striking match, and that’s what we got.

Round 1- saw Goiti swich stances often and land even more often, dropping Gracie and hurting him with a hard jab, getting a takedown to side control and easily winning round 1.

Round 2 was more of the same with Goiti controlling the standup, but suddenly Gracie started landing jab after jab, and Goiti kept his hands down and allowed himself to be hit, as he did Gracie turned it on, but it was all a setup. With something you would expect from Anderson Silva, he put his hands down all to set up a violent counter uppercut as Neiman was feeling confident that out his lights out.

Yamauichi formerly fought at 145 and 155 and now in only his second fight at 170, he defeats a top 4 opponent, and establishes himself as a contender

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