Chito Vera comes from behind to KO Cruz with gigantic head kick

Round 1 Cruz Ran circles around Vera , landing often, taking him down at will and overall dominating the round until a big punch knocked Cruz down. Cruz no sold it tho; popped up and chased Chito down. Chito looked dangerous but easy round 1 for Cruz

Round 2 was more overall competitive, but once again Cruz was just more active and Chito wasn’t able to land anything that put Cruz down.

Round 3 Dom started getting the better of the exchanges again until he was once again dropped by a punch. He once again popped back up and went back to work. Getting the best of the rest of the round. Close round but I don’t think 1 big punch was enough to outweigh just how much more output Cruz had. So at this point I had it 30-27 for Cruz.

Round 4, Cruz went back to work, landing a lot of punches but as in the other rounds, they had little power, as he runs in Chito lands a jab that drops Cruz, once again Cruz didn’t seem hurt and jumped up and attacked. Cruz started taking over again but upon exiting an attack Chito threw a headkick and knocked Dom out cold. When Cruz woke up he tried to stand and fell back down face first

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