Rory MacDonald loses to Dilano Taylor by TKO rd 1. Goes 2-4 in PFL.

PFL has not been good to Rory MacDonald, through two seasons he’s went just 2-4. His last 2 losses saw him fail to get takedowns and be extremely hesitant to strike on the feet. After a failed takedown where he landed on his back, Rory got out striked heavily standing and eventually put down with a big shot and finished.

Rory is a former Bellator champion and a UFC title challenger, but since that UFC title fight with Robbie Lawler, where Rory was brutally KOed in round 5, he has always appeared Hesitant to strike since, which has also negatively effected his ability to set up takedowns.

Early in his career Rory was a potent Striker, getting the best of most standing exchanges against the likes of good strikers like BJ Penn, Nate Diaz, Carlos Condit and Tyron Woodly. He was even getting the best of the striking against Lawler until Lawler put him away. But he’s hasn’t been the same since.

Most people see the PFL competition as a step down from Bellator which is a major step down from UFC, and yet Rory has a losing record in PFL.

Many people have been wondering for a couple years if it’s time for Rory to retire. The decision is of course his but is very clear he’s not the same fighter he was in the UFC, and not even the same fighter he was in Bellator.

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