Usyk defeats Anthony Joshua again, by split decision in back and forth fight.

The judges officially scored the bout 115-113 Joshua, 115-113 Usyk, 116-112 Usyk

The fight was back and forth but it was clear that Usyk was the winner in my opinion. Joshua started off technical and took the first 2 rounds with Usyk not able to land much. In round 3 it started the same but at the end of the round Usyk started landing big to close out in close round that could go either way.

Round 4-7was just Usyk out working Joshua, with pretty easy rounds to score. in round 8 Joshua came back with vicious body shots in a close round I would probably score Usyk. Round 9 Joshua dominated the round with vicious body shots. Round 10 Usyk came back with domination of his own until Joshua rocked him hard with a right straight to the chin. Usyk recovered and came back to put on more damage. After 10 Joshua seemed tired, and was just out paced.

The difference seemed to be Usyk’s work rate, cardio and his ability to adapt to anything. Joshua had success with. Now we have to wonder if Tyson Fury will be willing to face off against Usyk.

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