New champ! Demetrius Johnson comes from behind to KO Moraes with a flying knee!

This fight isn’t scored round by round but I will give my round scores anyway.

Round 1 started with a back and forth stand up battle until Moraes got the takedown. From there he held him down for the rest of the round and ended in 3/4 Mount but DJ did land a nice elbow from the bottom that cut Moraes. 10-9 Moraes

Round 2 started with Moraes landing a headkick that rocked DJ followed by some downed knees similar to how he finished DJ the first fight. After the near finish DJ got up and got taken down, where Moraes dominated from top position the rest of the round. 10-8 Moraes. Almost Total domination and a near finish

Round 3- the tide turned heavily this round. Moraes didn’t try any takedowns and quit going forward as he did the previous rounds. Moraes found himself moving backwards and getting tagged all round. He was never rocked but easy round for DJ- 10-9

Round 4 Moraes leads a clinch against the cage but doesn’t eat anything done. Moraes Lands two heavy elbows and a heavy punch and that’s slows down DJ’s aggression. Moraes starting to land the better shots until DJ rocks him hard with a punch and follows up with a flying knee against the cage that KOs Moraes . Ladies and gentlemen we have a new world champ.

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