Former Pride champion- Wanderlei Silva announced his retirement from MMA

Wanderlei Silva is an mma legend, the former Pride Champion and Grand Prix champion was ranked 1 in the world for years at 205, and had the longest unbeaten streak in Pride history. And though he seemed to be passed prime by 2007, he continued fighting over a decade later, usually bringing a good fight but losing more often than not.

Now finally the aging legend has retired from mma. The following is what the former champion had to say:

“Only those who have sons know how it’s like watching them fight. This feeling is completely different, but it’s very exciting because we know what it’s like and everything that can happen in a fight. I know where he can go, I’ve been through it all, and I know that what really counts is hard work. You may be the son of [someone important] or have as much money as you have, but hard work and training is what counts in there, and thank God he has behaved like a professional already.” (h/t MMAFighting)

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