Cyril Gane defeats Tuivasa via 3rd round KO after epic war.

Round 1 was very competitive, both men feeling each other out. Round 2 is where the right got very interesting, Gane started walking away with the round technically until he was dropped with a brutal right hand that even had Bisping thinking it was over. He rocked Gane again and As Tuivasa followed up to finish he was stung with a body shot and was rocked himself with a body shot, but as Gane pressure to finish he was hit with a big left hook that put him moving backwards. 10-9 Tuivasa, but as the round ended he looked tired.

In round 3 Gane took advantage of a gassed Tuivasa and started lighting him up with heavy shots including brutal front kicks to the face, Tuivasa showed and unworldly chin, but eventually he succumbed to a succession of brutal shots and went down to finish the fight.

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