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Nate Diaz submits Tony Ferguson in back and forth fight


Diaz vs Ferguson round 1

Round started off all Ferguson, a spinning back fist, an easy takedown, which he let Diaz up from and just continued out pacing Diaz who did little. Diaz did check a ring leg kick that busted Tony’s leg open. With about 90 seconds left Diaz starts landing big combos and starts to take controls

10-9 Ferguson but good ending for a Diaz

Round 2- Tony starts out with a good right hand, Tony still moving a lot and doing good work with leg kicks. Diaz landing a few light combos and he cuts Tony’s eye. Tony had an awkward slip that the crowd reacts to as if it were a knockdown. Another close round and both were slower pace than expected.

10-9 Diaz.

Round 4, they go back and forth on strikes and Tony shoots a takedown, Nate catches a Guillotine and Tony shockingly taps quickly.

Winner Nate Diaz. That’s the final fight of his c interact and this is 5 straight losses for Tony after 12 straight wins.

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