Canelo leaves no controversy this time, dominates 40yr old GGG in early rds to win UD.

After the fight they squashed their beef

The final fight of their rivalry went down tonight and it looked nothing like the last two. The first two fights saw GGG Outland Canelo, but controversially win neither fight, having a draw in one fight and a loss in the other but many felt GGG won both.

People wondered how 40 year old GGG would look tonight 4 years removed from their last fight, and it wasn’t good. He looked completely gun shy, afraid to throw power punches and even afraid to throw his jab. In the second fight GGG average 19 strikes per round but through 8 rounds tonight he landed an average of 8 per round. He looked slow and flat footed through 8 rounds. All rounds likely win by Canelo, with rounds 7 and 8 being somewhat competitive.

Round 9 GGG finally seemed to come to life and let his hands go, a move he should have made rounds earlier. He dominated round 9 as Canelo seemed to back up and take the round off. GGG finally win a round.

Round 10 saw more of GGG picking up the action with more power punches and finally unleashing some shotgun jabs. Canelo fired back that. I gave 10 to GGG also. But there was an accidental headbutt. But this is 8 rounds to 2. GGG waited to long to open up.

Round 11 starts out with both New throwing heavy leather but GGG getting the better of it. Canelo lands a good uppercut and left hook but Canelo is cut. But GGG follows up with a couple uppercuts and more good jabs as Canelo is backed up. If GGG had fought like this earlier he would like have won the fight. Canelo is having trouble with the power and pressure of GGG, but GGG still isn’t unleashing all his power in strikes. Another rojnd for GGG INO.

Round 12 , canelo starts off with a hard right but gets caught with 2 hard jabs and another right by canelo. Canelo is coming out strong this round. But GGG is not hacking down. Canelo pushing forward this time. GGG not fighting with desperation like he should. Both men stay mostly in the clinch landing short shots. Golovskin starts pushing forward again and again back To clinching. This whole round is clinching almost as the crowd boos. Hard left and right by GGG and nice jab. Another clinch. Another jab by GGG and Canelo tries body shot but gets clinched. Very close round. 10-9 GGG. I have it 8-4 for GGG.

Judges scorecards read 116-112, 115-113, 115,113. Meaning despite canelo arguably winning 9 rounds, it was 1 round away from being a draw.

GGG said he won’t be retiring and will be dropping back to 160 to defend his belts. Canelo said he wants a Bivol rematches.

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