Report- Jose Aldo has retired from MMA.

The rumor was strong that after losing his last fight, that Aldo would retire. However his coach came forward thinking he may fight once more. But as of today Aldo has been removed from the rankings, a clear sign that he has retired or has informed the ufc he won’t be fighting for years to come.

Jose Aldo is one of the greatest fighters in mma history. He won the WEC featherweight championship, and when UFC absorbed the division he was promoted to UFC champion, all and all having 9 defenses, and was a 2 time ufc champ. He has more title defenses that Max Holloway, Alexander Volkanovaki and Conor Mcgregor combined…. That’s every UFC champ but himself of the division.

When he started to look a little passed prime he dropped to 135, getting a title shot but ultimately losing, but he did pick up some big wins the division and maintained a top 5 ranking for most his time there. If this is the end, what a great career.

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