Benson Henderson dominates Peter Queally in Bellator main event

It was Ben Henderson’s best performance in years, Benson started early with heavy standing elbows and a lead right hook that caught Queally over and over again, he cut Queally to finish round 1. 10-9 Henderson

Round 2 Benson landed an accidental low blow to start the round…. Shockingly the referee took a point on the first offense. When it got back to work Bendo got busy with leg kicks, and pushed the fight to the fence where he landed a ton of knees and more elbows. He landed a couple takedowns but Queely managed to get to the fence. 9-9

Round3- all Bendo, pushing to the fence, more elbows and wall and brawl. Not competitive. 10-9 Henderson

Round 4, Benson rocks and drops Queally with a heavy below, but wasn’t able to get the finish. Was able to hold Queally to the cage and continue to control the round with strikes. 10-8 Henderson

Round 5- “Smooth” starts the round with a flying switch kick that lands on the arms. He attempts a single leg that fails but pushes the fight back to the fence where he holds the single. Whealy manages to escape, Queally lands a body kick. Right hook to the body for Henderson who shoots another single to the cage. But once again is having trouble securing takedowns. Queally tries a Guillotine while Ben holds single leg, Ben releases and switches to a double and back to a single, then back to a double and gets a takedown and lands some knees. Henderson tries a leg lock and fails, as Queally attempts to jump on Benson on the ground Bendo landed a head kick from his back on the ground and got up. 10-9 Bendo

I have it 49-44 Henderson

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