Gil McKinney reprising SPN role as Henry Winchester in the Winchesters

Outside of Jensen Ackles reprising Dean, it seemed that all other characters in the Winchesters have been recast from their Supernatural counterparts, however Gil McKinney who played John’s dad, Henry Winchester reprised his role in the pilot episode reading the letter to John, and will also appear in person on episode 7.

During an interview with TVLine, Robbie Thompson confirmed that fans could expect to see some Supernatural actors reprising their roles in the back half of the first 13 episodes, “which I’m super, super excited about,” he said. Plus, “we also have plans not just to bring back some of our familiar faces, but younger versions of the characters that maybe we haven’t seen yet,” Thompson shared during a virtual press panel.

Could this mean Young Bobby and Rufus are coming as well?

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