Andrade breaks Linekers cup, title fight main event ruled a no contest

The fight was a back and forth war. Andrade began round 1 with vicious striking, hurting Lineker early, but Linekar got a takedown to hold off the offense, Andrade managed to return to his feet but now he catches some heavy shots from Linekar.

In round 2 Linekar got aggressive and started landing heavily, rocking Andrade. As the round continued Andrade closed the striking gap.

Round 3 lineker got an early takedown, but Andrade got back to the feet and looked the bigger threat on the feet though both had their moments, the fight is pretty close at this time but I favor Andrade. Andrade hurts Lineker badly with a knee to the body and swarms, he tries another body shot but this knee hits right on the cup, breaking the cup and ending the match with a no contest.

The title remains vacant because Lineker missed weight and was stripped.

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