O’Malley beats Petr Yan By razor close split decision in a war

Round 1 Yan was the aggressor and was landing his fair share of shots but O’Malley was landing more often, Yan eventually turned to wrestling and g out a takedown with a minute or so of top control. Very very close. 10-9 Yan

Round 2 O’Malley rocks Yan hard, Yan runs away while trying to recover and then Yan lands a bomb that seemed to rock O’Malley, then Yan took a quick takedown. After a minute or so of control, O’Malley got up after competitive exchanges on the feet Yan grabbed another takedown to finish the round on top. Another very close round. More damage for O’Malley but Yan did his own damage and hurt Shawn too. 10-9 Yan but very close

Round 3 after back and forth exchanges O’Malley rocks and cuts Yan with a knee and swarms. Yan runs away and seems to be in trouble but Yhrn a bloody Yan drops a couple bombs, but Onalley fired a partially landed head kick that partially landed but seemed to hurt Yan, Yan shoots a takedown and gets it, but O’Malley gets up again. another takedown for Yan and and Onalley is up again, leg kick by Yan and another takedown for Yan. 10-9 O’Malley

O’Malley admits he was hurt more than he had ever been and thought the fight could go either way. O’Malley said he wants to watch the fight back before deciding if he wants a title fight, then changed his mind and said he would take it.

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