Beniel Dariush defeats Gamrot by decision

Round 1 was a razor thin, Beneil seemed to slightly get Best of the striking but Gamrot landed several takedown, but all of which were neutralized by the leg locks and other submission attempts that allowed Beneil back up. Even round.

Round 2 Gamrot couldn’t seem get a single takedown and was out striked 2-1, but at the last seconds nailed a takedown. Not enough- 10-9 Dariush

Round 3, Dariush was once again defending all the takedowns and winning striking, this time he landed a huge shot that floored and hurt Gamrot, Gamrot came back to get a takedown but it was too late.

30-27, 30-27,29-28 for Beneil who is now on a 8 fight win streak and may be next for a title shot.

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