Islam submits Charles Oliveira to become new champ

Round 1, Islam lands a couple strikes, Charles pulls guard and attempts a triangle, it fails, Charles rolls with a seeeep attempts gets back to his feet and pushes Islam for a takedown but Islam does a throw and Charles is back down in full guard. Islam pushed Charles to the fence, where Khabib is instructing him. Charles had a small cut near the right eye. Islam has landed a couple strikes, but nothing with any power. Islam finally lands one and Charles gives a big hammer back from his back: Islam answers with a small elbow. Charles lands a heavy up kick and a couple elbows from his back to finish the round , 10-9 Islam

Round 2- Charles comes out aggressive, lands a strike, Islam ties up, Charles briefly takes down Islam who immediately pops up. Islam pushed Charles to the fence. Double under hooks and he shelf Charles for about a minute. Charles with an elbow, Islam with a knee and there’s a break. Islam lands two when Charles comes in, Charles lands a body kick. Charles backs up the cage, Islam throws 2, both were partially blocked. Head kick by Islam but blocked. Charles now moving forward. Left hook by Charles. Charles tried a flying knee and gets tagged and dropped. Islam jumps straight down into an arm triangle and Charles taps. We have a new champ

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