Sterling dominates injured TJ Dillashaw. Wins by TKO 2.

After trading a couple strikes Aljo gets a quick takedown, TJ seemed to land awkwardly, and looked ready to tap to some sort of injury, maybe his shoulder . He quickly gets mounted and pounded on by Aljo, to a bear finish, he gives Aljo his back. TJ escapes but is dragged right back to back control. TJ just trying to survive as ge takes damage from back control, TJ tried to get up again and Aljo drags gun down but Aljo he back up. Now on the feet it’s clear that TJ has a dislocated shoulder. TJ gets taken down again. But is back up. He makes it back to the stool. 10-8 round.

They reveal that TJ may have entered the fight injured, and wouldn’t do public work outs, TJ also did no nut work in the back. They also said he seemed defeated before the fight started. , TJs shoulder is put back in place by his corner, they tell him the fight starts now.

Round 2 TJ wont even raise up his left arm at all, he’s a 1 armed man, he lands a couple right hands but gets taken down again by Sterling. TJ gets up but his arm pops out again and he gets taken down again. Back to Mount for Sterling, and after more strikes the ref has seen enough.

The ref acknowledges afterward that he knew TJ had a shoulder dislocation before the fight.

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