Lesnar reveals the one man stronger than him in the WWE roster

Brock Lesnar is an absolute freak athlete. He made the preseason NFL Vikings team after not playing since high school, put up scary NFL combine numbers (look them up), a peak bench press of 615 lbs according to Strikezone fitness center, and that’s not to mention his NCAA Division 1 national title or his UFC championship (2 defenses).image

Despite this, the beast reveals there was one guy in WWE that was stronger than him, the only guy who could beat him in arm wrestling was former WWE Champion- Kane.

Heres Brock’s statement From Dymatize Nutrition Magazine:

“Kurt and I competed against each other at EVERYTHING. We hated losing to each other, but it was all in good fun. We even wrestled in the back – he was a little weasel. That was our things, and it went on for a very long time. Even today, there is no way I will let Kurt beat me at something.

At one of the events, the guys in the back were all testing their strength through arm-wrestling and ‘mercy’. Most of them were there to ‘impress the divas’. I remember running through all of them, even Paul [Big Show], who had bananas for fingers. The only guy I remember being stronger than me and it pissed me off because I hated not being first, was Kane. No one in the WWE was as strong as that guy. Trying to slam his arm down was like trying to push over a tree with one arm.”

Kane is billed a 7 feet tall and 323lbs while most likely closer to 6’8 323. Of course arm wrestling doesn’t account for everything and doesn’t necessarily make Kane the overall stronger guy but it’s definitely something Brock will never forget.

And just putting it out there- I’m pretty sure Mark Henry would be the overall strongest. Maybe he wasn’t with WWE during these events.

Eric Scott

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